Project Under is an aRPG/Platformer currently in development by two guys who share the same passion for video games. It is still on the early stages of development but with steady progress.

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Greetings everyone!
I'm Akira the designer and artist of project under, today I'll be posting some info about the concept behind the game and my current progress on it.

Well, we start with the main idea of creating a videogame that contains the essence of games that we play on our childhood (I'm not gonna to tell you which ones, but maybe you'll find out
later on when we show some gameplay footage).

With this we try to recreate that feeling of oldschool games which is based on challenge and reward experience I think most of today's games need and we're adapting them to a new game.

Talking about the art in general, it will have Japanese esthetic visuals, because we're huge fans of Japanese pop culture and of course their videogames.

Now concerning about my progress on the project so far, the main story is almost complete, I just need to finish writing it and adapt it to the game design.

I'm actually working on level and character design, cutscene artwork, promotional art and tile animation.

Stay tuned for more updates on the next weeks!.


Here I let you some samples of unfinished cutscene and promotional art that later may be included on a digital artbook.

Artwork sample


Very nice artwork. I would love to see it with color, or some darker lines. It looks like manga, with the panels and layout, but it doesn't seem to fit together like a story on this page. Is it just to show the characters and environment?

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Thanks for your comment we appreciate it, yes those are just some random lineart panels to show the artwork and characters, we're going to put some full color illustrations soon, stay tuned.

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