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I am a sniper through and through the target not knowing that your there the power of picking who lives and who dies lots of people say snipers are wimps wrong they go in with only one or two people and do what a whole squad could do also because they are so far from the target people think they are cowardly that they cant face them like men well if you run up in there guns a blazin geuss what your going to get shot just cause snipers are smart enough to stay out of range of the enemy dosent make them wimps it makes them smart if you also love sniping join the sniper lovers group thank you for reading.


Shayn. A sniper will NEVER (not in a BILLION BILLION YEARS) replace the standard infantry squad. ******* NEVER!

A sniper is mainly for recon, rarely actually shooting their guns, they just get into position and watch (a lot like the SAS, but in smaller groups).

The infantry squad does the bulk work a sniper could never do. Even light infantry (as opposed to mechanized infantry) do more. They are the fighters who do all the shooting, with the guns, and the people going "oh my god, ive been shot!" and with the dying n such.

Also, sniper squads do not have an automatic rifleman. And they are freaking awesome (c'mon, who doesn't want to have an M249 or a PKM or a Negev in their hands while they rush into a field of death?).

Snipers may be smart. But they can't replace infantry in fighting capabilities. I am convinced of that.

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play, did not you even notice this? I thought you'd have some sort of whining attempt at a comeback...

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Yeah... He doesn't understand the job of the sniper. Snipers are more of a tool than a force like the infantry squad. Snipers provide reconnaissance and intel mainly, only occasionally taking a shot on a high value target.

A sniper can stay in the same spot for days, and do absolutely nothing besides look through his scope. Fun, huh?

Sniping in CoD or Halo is absolutely nothing like it is in real life. Not one bit. I hate how people confuse gaming with reality. Stop getting your facts from gaming.

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play1111666 Author

I prefer the old days in ww2 when a sniper was all alone and could shoot a guy without first getting permission

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