Edwárd Čarγ WalthaΙl [5thVA]<br />♞- (Napoleanoic wars North and South Full invasion 2) �<br />Mount and Blade warband's names.<br />DA_5thVA_1stLT_EdwardC<br /><br />BW_Lt_EdwardCW<br /> ✠ Alliances ✠<br />―British Empire<br />―Confederate States<br />―United States of Belgium<br />―Prussia<br />―<br />“A sensibility that wails almost exclusively over the enemies of liberty seems suspect to me. Stop shaking the tyrant's bloody robe in my face."<br />― Maximilien de Robespierre<br />―<br />About Edward C. Walthall (Full name Edward Cary Walthall) 1831 – 1898<br />During the Civil War, Walthall entered the Confederate Army as a lieutenant, and was promoted to lieutenant colonel, colonel, brigadier general, and finally a major general. He especially distinguished himself at the Battle of Missionary Ridge, where he led his brigade over a ridge and held back the Federal troops until the Confederate army made its escape. <br /><br />At the organization of the 29th regiment, at Corinth, Walthall was elected colonel, April 11, 1862. In this capacity he served under Beauregard at Corinth and in the retreat to Tupelo, and, in Chalmers' brigade, accompanied Bragg in the movement to Chattanooga, and the advance into Kentucky, where Chalmers' brigade made the famous assault at Munfordville. In November Bragg recommended him for promotion, and he was commissioned brigadier general, to date from June 30.<br />Walthall and his Mississippians made one of the bravest defenses that occurred anywhere at any time during the war. It was sublimely heroic under fearfully exasperating circumstances." The greatest part of his brigade was cut off and captured.<br /><br />With the remnant he made gallant fight on Missionary Ridge, next day. When confusion and disorder reigned, Walthall, though painfully wounded, kept the field, held the enemy in check, and when the army was safe across the Chickamauga was lifted from his saddle unable to walk. At the opening of the Great Atlanta campaign he was given another important duty, the holding of Resaca, essential to the safety of Johnston's army. Polk's army did not arrive in time to make this possible, but Walthall held his ground two days under the attacks of McPherson. He was promoted to major-general, and given command of Cantey's division of Polk's Army of Mississippi. <br /> Sickness kept him out of the battle of Murfreesboro, and his next great field was Chickamauga. here, part of the army had the good fortune to strike Federal regiments on the line of march, and without great difficulty achieved a victory.<br /><br />Joseph E. Johnston-"If the Confederate war had lasted two years longer General Walthall would have risen to the command of all the Confederate armies."

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