Hello there! I'm olvi. I play computer games, guitars and coffee makers. Ive been an avid PC Gamer for 16 years now (since '94) And I'm been a huge mod fan since Quake 1 came out (remember quake?) I grew up reading the brilliant PC Gamer UK from 96-2001 too..which I still love, and hear about on their podcast. Ill set up a small blog and prolly rage about the good ol' gaming days and promote mods I like or mods ideas I would liek to be made. Top mods 5: GloomQ2 (Quake2) ActionQ2 (Quake2) Empires Source (Half-Life2) Unreal Tournament 1 (lots of mutators!) Sven Co-Op (Half-Life1) Warcraft III maps! and many more Im forgetting right now...

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I haven't had time...(well, yes) but not to focus on game ranting or post blogging heh...

Being a subject, of 5½ years of having to endure years of shortfilm & documentary filmmaking has sure taken its toll.

Getting my bachleors thesis this spring, so I can put aside more time for gaming/music production (for fun!)

see ya guys!

P.S. I can't map..(lol),but I do appreciate and respect the people sending me invites for their mod/map projects.

I do more video-post & sound design these days. And looking to get into music.

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oh...and get the HUMBLE BUNDLE from www.humblebundle.com!!
drm-free, pay what you want for Trine(!), Shadowgrounds, Shadowgrounds: Survivor, and 2 more games...(one upcoming platformer, and one unreleased, unfinished game +its source code!)


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