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Hello everyone!

So recently I have been playing a new game, FTL, it is a space-ship simulator and essentially it is a game where you have to fly through space, manage your ships crew members and systems and fight off other ships.

FTL stands for "Faster Than Light", which is the system each ship uses in the game to travel through space. The game starts off with you selecting a ship (you only get one ship to start of with, but unlock more as you go), after selecting your ship you also get the option to rename your ship and rename crew (this is the fun part as you get to rename them to whatever you want, from friends names to famous sci-fi characters). Also there are more options to select which layout you want for the ship but that comes later once you have played a bit and did some of the achievements.

The game is great fun with a very fun and unique game-play style and mechanic. You manage the ship's system with crew as well as fight the enemies. The music in the game is also fantastic and very fitting to the atmosphere.

Overall, FTL is a great game and well worth the spend. The game is exciting and hilarius at the same time, with the hint of infuriating when you get defeated and killed.


Useful links:
- FTL's Steam store page: Store.steampowered.com
- FTL's Homepage: Ftlgame.com
- FTL's Kickstarter: Kickstarter.com
- FTL's GOG page: Gog.com

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