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You know why I'm excited now?! Because Orion, a Half Life 2 multiplayer mod, release date finally been announced! It should come out August of this year! FTW!

For those who don't know, Orion is a Half Life 2 multiplayer tactical first-person shooter type total conversion based on VALVe's Source engine, powering games such as Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress 2. According to the modder, the game will feature

- Over 25 weapons
- 4+ Drivable Vehicles (with usable turrets)
- 5+ large-scaled maps
- Superb Game-Art
- Dinosaur NPCs
- Interactive Game-Mode - ViTAL
- Class-based Game-play
- 3 positions - stand / crouch / prone
- Iron Sight / Advanced Scopes
- Weapon fire modes
- Melee Attacks
- Recoil / Bullet Spread
- Radio Commands
- Team Selection
- Spectator Mode
- Upgrade system allowing for increased abilities.

I even remembered doing an interview with the modder about the mod.

You can finally see why I'm excited. Only 2 months to go!

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