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So, not too long ago Cheeseness started making his Humble Bundle charts a bit nicer and the end result is absolutely awesome. "Now what does this have to do with anything?" you may ask. Well, a robots.txt parser was something he wanted to have for checking whether or not it's okay to yoink the data off the Bundlers' page.

For some reason I offered to write one, and in roughly a day I had one ready. It wasn't the optimal solution and it was pretty dumb of a script, but it worked. Well, mostly. A couple of days later Cheese told me it didn't work with PHP 5.2. Well, I found a solution and made it less dumb. And lo, now it's in a pretty great condition after all. It knows how to do fun things and even tries to be clever!

I had lots of fun writing this little thingamajig and I actually learned something useful as well!

Anyways, I'd just like everyone who bothered reading through this post to have a chance at poking around the code and perhaps use it later on.


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