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Now that I finished ME3 and have had time to recuperate, I believe I should announce that I am starting a mod. After the disappointment of that game I thougt it would be a good idea to return to my gaming roots (RTS) and try to make something new like my friends. While it won't be cannon I know it will be fun for me to play at least! :p

Currently, I frigging suck with modding, but my feeble attempts so far have failed because I lacked a reason to learn as I had no use for the skills. Now I do. So starting with coding, type editing, GC scripting, and mapping I will begin the long and painful journey of creating a mod from scratch.

As this will indubitably take months to complete, I won't ask for any help now or try teasing people with details, etc. Once again, this is in the really really early stages (like using a pad of paper for brain storming).

Thanks for reading!!!

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