Hi my name is Daniele. I'm keen on coordination. I organize in my work (like in animation and videogames). I wrote for 7 years for notewothy italian publishing house (PLAY PRESS PUBLISHING, now PLAY MEDIA COMPANY) about travel, movie, japanese culture, comics and animations. Now (since June 2006) I work for Animation Studio named "Rainbow S.P.A." in Loreto (AN) Italy like production assistant. I worked for TV animation series "Huntik Secrets and Seekers", "Winx Club", "PopPixie" and other products of my studio. I study japanese language from 1996 in University in Rome and Arts in Accademia di Belle Arti in Macerata in 1999, restoration and stage & set design. I'm blogger until march 2006, and my nickname it is Manga-Man over 20 years and I have a personal Blog. Ciao Daniele M-M Lucinato

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