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One thing the modding scene has thaught me was that I will most likely never  release anything again, not that I was given discouragement or anything. I just can't handle the pressure the release something that is better than my last work.. oh sure I can do that no problem... but oh well.

I have made two maps for the mod Resident Evil: ColdBlood, I made recb_tunnel and recb_umbrella     and I am proud of those two, why.. well because people like them and told me I needen to make more But just a little bit better, and so I began with recb_streets2 my greatets map to date.. I hade a large vision that I knew I could pull of ( and I still can ) but the pressure was to much.. I am prolly just imagening things but I could just not handle it.. so stopped.. sadly even though recb is a great mod I wish to contiuing mapping for a just cringe and shudder when I scroll over it name, forgetting all the fun and just remmebering the pressure.. it's a sad sad day for modding ( at least for me ) indeed, but maybe someday I will return, just maybe.

Now this entry was rather depressing but all is not bad. I have made mod myself, but since I cannot program or make chara models, the only thing I can do is weak modelhacks, mapping and really bad textures, so this mean I will have to steal alot... but I am not without morals, so this means that I will simply not release them nomatter how great they may be, as it is just bad and people will hate you for it.. to date I have made a Starcraft mod and an 50/50 done zombie mod for half-life.. and begun work on an zombie mmorpg ( it's not a mod, but I use hammer and hl textures in it ).. but none of these will be released to the puplic unless I thow away all the stolen stuff and replace them...and thats how it is

Cheers! :)        


I can't help but noticing but, I know what you mean.

I used to map with BrainBread a couple of years ago but I wasn't content with mapping, I need to acqiure more skills in modding so I decided to study coding. It was very complicated than I thought, I merely put up a working code without crashing, but sadly every effort I make keeps failing no matter what. So I notice I can not do it alone even how hard I try, that's the reason I can't even release my own mod project.

Oh, and cheers fellow mapper and thanks for sharing this blog.


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l0d1z Author

heh, thanks. =) although this is an rather old post...
I did later re-release recb_umbrella for beta 2 ( of the mod ).
but still.

cheers! =)

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Oh, I suppose that's cool too. But fact still stands that most people are having alot of trouble releasing something pretty decent, like for example a more stable map or non-hack models. I find those task quite difficult and thus leaving me with nothing to release.

And another thing why I'm having trouble releasing a map content is, making a biggie map with lots of effort in it will sometimes lead the mapper to disaster. Seeing the limitless of a mapper's true potential in enhancing his map doesn't seem to apply in the game engine(Goldsrc) causing some maps to crash. Thus leaving some mappers to frustration and disappointment with nothing to release... again.

Modding is really fun, especially if you don't run out of ideas, but I don't think my persistence and time can handle it.

Sorry for Bragging gibberish thoughts in your blog, I couldn't help my self. At least I got it off my chest.

Cheers Pal!

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l0d1z Author

No problem mate. =)

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