Just someone that likes Amnesia :D Also this guy would be VERY grateful if someone could offer him help with scripting and stuff :D

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Also I will say this once I AM NOT GOOD WITH CREATING SCRIPTS! ONLY MAPS. Only know how to control the level editor and i have made some good ones but they need scripting and thats it.... impossible for me. :( I WOULD LOVE to give to people my maps complete but... So if someone is good with scripting pls PM me. Im looking at Frictional Games tutorials and its still VERY hard to understand cuz once i tried making the explosive door thingy and when i did it i could play the map (something wrong with what i typed :( ) So if someone is talented with scripting PLS I beg you (LOL) PM so you can make me understand it or make the script for me and be sure ill give most credit to you. Okay that was very strange.... I guess ill play some amnesia then :D I think ill check frictional games again so if i post something like i dont need help for map now ill pm you for help dont mind okay?

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