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only add me if, you can tell me were in the world New Zealand is on a map, if not to bad =P, xfire account: KiwiWarrior 2010, Steam: KiwiWarrior: New avatar its the good night Kiwi a very famous T.V. Show way back when

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Rite before i start on my new Blog i'm just going to say this i sux so epicy badly at English so if you find some think here you can't read don't just post omfg i can't read it post what is wrong with it and how i could change it to make it read able

OK this Blog is about C&C4 , this is from an outside to the tiberium wars looking into the new game OK, there is a blog about game by one of my friends and that one is by a fan looking in so heres a link to his blog OK and together this will say the other side of the story

OK i never got into the whole tiberium wars games no dozer's no builders i just found them gay just like i didn't like red alert, and i didn't like the story but any way this new one looks epic i will buy it but not for the story but for the new game play it looks like one of my top 10 games WiC but with a but of RPG in it i don't know what the RPG bit of it will be like but i hope its a win, i don't know this should be called a RTS game, i get what some of the other people are saying about no base building and things like that but i like the new way could be good, it should be like RTTRPGMMO lol man thats a long one because its got RTT in and RPG and its mainly online so MMO its got no base build of very little so no RTS wait should MMO be in front never mind i'm going off topic here

OK there is one thing i hate more then any think and thats Westwood fanboys saying Westwood could of done it better Westwood wouldn't of done this but they are wrong Westwood was going to do this to c&c 3 ea hold it off for a year and if they like westwood so much go and play a petroglyph game this company was formed by the last group of ex- Westwood studios employees who resigned when Westwood Pacific was shut down by EA in 2003 and i got to say the only good game they have made is EaW.

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