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About Us

Modsaholic was a concept thought up by me DarkXess around the beginning of August 2011.
It was first just an idea of expanding the name Holic in which from our sister site Armaholic comes from. Of course it was and always was meant to be a team project including Foxhound the founder of Armaholic.

We started by discussing it and right from the beginning it was a task pointed at me as impossible because of the amount of work needing to be done for all the game's which I wanted to cover as Armaholic only covers the ArmA series, so it was a massive task which even I doubted but remained confident that it could be done.

Anyway after around a week or two of discussing how it could be done and what name we would use as at the beginning we wanted Modaholic but that was taken.

At last we went with Modsaholic and already things started coming up with how we could do it and possibly try to keep the main core of what Armaholic has and has succeeded in all these years. Around late September 2011 we already had a test site up and running and started on the hard work in building Modsaholic's core including the very very hard task of building the Download Section as this would be 32 game sections! multiplying that with everything that is in it would be exactly 848 TPL's making each and everyone manually! that was my two weeks or more hard work Only on this, never again!

Finally after all the image works and template modifications plus tweaking of the newer format of forums (vBulletin) we got it all ready! Foxhound as always helping as much as he could even though how busy he always and if not for him then Modsaholic would of never happened, I would actually like to thank him not only for the help and giving me the chance to be Moderator on Armaholic but thanks for everything man, your one hell of an Admin and friend. Also thank you to VIPER for his contributions during the testing and making of everything.

On the 17th of November 2011 we announced to the public that we have gone live. Of course things like a new website take time to grow, and build its name and now after some time we are gradually getting more and more visitors and hopefully will grow and get more popular over time.

What we aim at doing for the community:

We always go after the author's permission before we host a mirror ourselves, and of course it wouldn't hurt if anything it will help your mod to gain popularity, we don't make money off your hard work.

- keeping up to date is what we always do
- not posting a mirror is not a problem
- we always leave the original file intact
- we always leave the original readme
- we always link to the source
- we always notify an author
- we always credit authors

We hope you can all have a good time around Modsaholic.

The Armaholic & Modsaholic staff.

DarkXess, Foxhound, Leopard, VIPER, Jeza, KBourne.

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