Hi there Everyone! :D My Name is Jens aka Jayal or short Jay. :) Well, what can i say... male, 30 years old, gamer, for short time a modder (as you can see at the CS "The Ritual"), a crazy guy how waves his hands in the air and don't care.. ;) If you want to add me on Skype or Steam, go on, you are welcome! :) Call, e-mail me for Questions or type a comment and i hope i can help you (or if you only want to say hi :P). Jay

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First Blog from the life of Jay...

Well...got some Probs with the HPL-Editor and wonder how things work...like "how can i push/throw some tables with script? Works on Lamps, alright, but why not on tables?" or "Why on Jesusraptorsname is the trigger if you pic up a key not working?"....

Working with HPL-Editor and Script is like having only 2 options:
If its works, your lucky
if it not work, your fucked - now check if something other work!
Perhaps its only me but that get me on my nerves...

It would be very helpful when someone can help me about the script and stuff.. :')

And lately i can proudly say that some beta tester are around and check if the custom story is good
some other guy make a video about it and make a trailer for me so you can make a opinion of The Ritual...

So stay tuned!


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