Firstly, I'm not 22 as you can probably tell from my avatar, im 16. :P Just a casual gamer who enjoys pretty much any sorta game but my favs have to be adventurous thriller/horrors. I live quite a social life too as I am quite a sporty person with a competitive nature and I also am quite the adrenaline junky too :P U MAD BRO?

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Alright, I've decided that im going to start the custom stories for Amnesia today, althought that I doubt I'll even finish any of them, I got to the 2nd guy in 'Justine' and coudn't take any more. Also considering the fact that apparently alot of these mods are a hell of alot scarier than the Actual story so yeah.

For anyone I play I will tweet about it on my twitter, whethere I liked it or not, probably give it a rating aswell,
so follow me on their if you want to hear about that :)

As I said before, I would record but It would probably be boring without a live commentation over the top which I can't provide atm, but as soon as im able to, I will play through them again, probably wont be any less scary the second time :/


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