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Or should I say: "This is cpt. Wilson. Eberything is fine. Situation is under our control."

Pretty stupid, I know. But for a game released in 2001, I found "Codename: Outbreak" to be a very advanced game. Seriously.In single player, you have an AI unit escorting you everywhere you go. And I mean everywhere: this guy (I choose Joker to be my wingman) will climb ladders, follow you, go prone. Heck, you can even issue orders to him:

  • F5 - cover me
  • F6 - charge
  • F7 - hold ground
  • F8 - toggles hold fire and fire at will

But besides the AI, there was something in this game the GSC guys kept and used also in STALKER: an inventory system and a carrying weight limit. So you can't carry thousands of bullets: you become just too heavy.

Still, there is something that was not ported to STALKER, and this is the reason I re-installed this old game: cooperative multiplayer. Yep, the very same word Henley had troubles with, the very same concept behind Irongrip: Warlord or L4D, but this time also having a story behind it.

So, yours trully (call me Prof for the time being :) ) will try to run a coop match with Moose_Head. I'm thinking also at setting some of the missions to take part during night time. Just to add a challenge :)

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