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So i got Call of Duty 4 the other day, and i must say im very impressed, not only with the single player but multiplayer as well. So i said to myself, Dave you need to get yourself a dedicated server. So i asked my mate who has access to some Linux based severs and asked him straight up, gimmy that cod4 sever and he did. How cool is that i run a cod4 sever now... (as well as my css, cs 1.6, halo, halo ce servers) but cod4 is the new awesome love child of me and a Linux based pc... And yeah i treat her well, giving her flowers and chockies (i mean gosh what pc in the whole world wouldn't love chockies...?). Everything was going great in my new relationship (not to mention she plays with my client oh so well ;P), except for the fact she started to complain about needing to see more then one person at a time... And i started to think to myself... that dirty cheating son of a...... something i forget now. So off she goes in search of more players to please her sever side... I was heart broken but my new love was hard to pass up on... So one day in bed after countless romantic movies and tubs of ice-cream i said to myself, screw this if i cant have her to myself then i dont mind joining in! To my amazement the loving server that i once knew has new served herself out to 16 players at once! I was shocked... but she beckoned to me to come over and join in the orgy of clients and server.

It took some time, but i was finally able to adjust to having a lot of people shooting there loads.... of ammunition in my direction, i was even able to adjust to people putting things in me with there hands... i think its called knifing in the game... feels kinda dirty tho.

It just goes to show how far im willing to go for my new love...

Here are some videos from me, when i edit them to be the right size for this site ill upload them properly.. Just enjoy eh?

Showreel 2007

This video is my 2007 showreel, it shows all my best work from my diploma of screen course.


This video took me 2 months to finnish. All the models and art style i made myself so no plug-ins here :D. This project was loosely based on my childhood growing up on a farm, that's why it felt so right to dedicated it to my Grandpa who died during production.

Looking back now on my animation i really regret not having more time to complete it to my standards, but hey work with what you have right?

Please leave comments about my videos guys it would be a big help.

~ Dave



lmao, dirty dirty server!

I like your portfolio, the cel materials are friggin awesome. i cant believe you didnt use any plugins. what program? I've done some cel shaders before, but nothing ever came out as good as yours.

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Henley Author

lol yeah thanks mate, its made in 3DSmax using invert and backface cull its quite simple really but very effective. Cel shading is all about controlling your light, making it harsh etc, simple colours work best. Its really a nice way to do things if your no good at doing skins :)

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heyyy whats up, say i dont know how to get gauntlet running, how do i manage to do that?

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