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So $500 AUD later I'm sitting here looking at my sexy new toy other wise known as Rockband, yes I'm one of the few Aussies that own this awesome thing of awesomeness and all of the awesome that comes with it.

"But Dave," you say "What makes this so awesome?" Well I'll tell you Bobby, Rockband (RB for short cos we are hip now) is a mix between guitar hero and something cooler, mainly cos of the drumbs I couldn't give a flying noodle for the guitar I really couldn't. For me the drums are the highlight as they almost (97%) simulate the hits you would make on a real kit playing that same song (on expert). So this means I can play all I want and not sound terrible and get my rhythm up in the process. Win win. Its freakin fun to play as well, the only bits I myself have trouble with are the kick pedal beats (or the long orange bars for all you playing at home) here is an example of how the game should be played. Please note this guy in the video is currently one of the very top RB drum players in the world.

Notice the amount of awesome oozing from this video that is what I and all the other scientists of this gaming world call the awesome factor, finishing a song on expert makes you feel good on the inside while making you a better drummer... on the inside. I myself with my limited knowledge of beating up taught flesh on a round cylinder can only play medium (with some difficulty I might add), but that is all about to change *cues up rocky music*. From this day forward I shall rock my socks off in order to rock like the rockers that rock the world and their socks. Ahem, you shall all soon be sockless, and I shall be streaming my sockbusting flesh beating performances when ever I get the chance on my Justin.tv account.

So rock on my children, rock on until you bleed from too much rocking, or by not wearing enough socks!

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