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Posted by Havoc_frost on Dec 19th, 2010

well I'm going to South Africa for 4 weeks with 3 days in Dubai with no internet and TV.
dont try to contact me cause i wont be here

P.S sorry pickled about yesterday, I stayed at my friends house longer than expected so i couldn't play CNC 3 with but i swear with God as my witness that i will play a match with you when i get back!

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C&C-Pickled Jan 7 2011 says:

i spent every fking day checking whether u were online and i DIDNT SEE THIS UNTIL NOW OMFG IM A RETARD

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C&C-Pickled Jan 12 2011 says:

Part 1

A days work with you in mind I finally got red alert 3 working online, but If I ever have to talk to Kate in ea online chat support ever again there will be blood shed. I had to sort out with EA getting my email changed for an old account which I had lost the email account of, forgotten password, didn't have a security question and even forgot what age I had entered. I managed to confirm ownership by remembering the online ID I used, then with the email changed I reset my password and was able to go online... or so I thought. When I went on it said "Serial number Invalid, try another" I went back to ea chat support but this time the support seemed to be mentally handicapped, they were named Kate.

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C&C-Pickled Jan 12 2011 says:

Part 2

Then I was told to uninstall manually following some instructions they linked me to, I did this but when I inserted disc to reinstall it gave a play option instead of an Install option, back to ea live chat support and who is there to greet me? None other than our friendly ea retard, Kate. I seemed that now Kate had hit herself with a brick one too many times and was no help whatsoever. In my desperation I turned back to my registry entries and then found a search function, I typed in "red alert 3". About a hundred entries later I inserted the disc once more and this time it worked! Then I realized I had deleted some registry entries that did not belong to red alert 3, I hope these were not important. Now after I reinstall and try go online in Red Alert 3 It tells me, patch... 400mb patch while capped... I try start it, I come back in five minutes and eta:40 days and 20 hours... another five minutes and the download fails because it was moving too slowly. I came up with an idea that maybe I could use a torrent, so I found a torrent from a normal game site, not TPB or anything, they only had one seeder but it sufficed for me while capped, the download speed was 7kb/s but at least it was working. 24 hours later I come back and the download had finished, I patch the game and then go in game. I long in and BAM YESSS ITS WORKING!!!! After all that effort, my red alert 3 online works once more, which means I can play normal online or play co-op with you when your back =D.

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C&C-Pickled Jan 12 2011 says:

I'll have to admit I do genuinely miss you =[

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