I've been making games since 2002 starting with Klik & Play by Clickteam. I have made four freeware games so far, but my next project will be a commercial endeavor.

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I've decided to start an Indie DB blog for my game, It Never Ends. I was, and will continue to be, active in the forums, but I didn't realize that a blog was the way to go for focused discussion on a project. I've been updating weekly on my site, but it's like giving a speech without an audience. So, let's see if a blog within a game design community helps.

It Never Ends, like many other Indie projects today, takes a simple concept in a genre and adds a twist. It Never Ends (INE) is inspired by space shooters of the early eighties. The twist is that instead of game play focusing on pattern recognition and power-ups, the aliens in INE mutate when they need to, and the player can adapt his or her ship in response.

The aliens can change their size, movement pattern, firing habits, weapon strength and have two slots
with which to carry special abilities such as stealth, armor, commando aliens, and fifteen more. The player can respond by manipulating the player ship's thrusters, stabilizers, blasters and shields. The player also has a choice of ten different specials such as an EMP, an energy booster, a repair robot and more.

Although not unique in game design today, I have been releasing demos for INE since the first day of its creation, 27 weeks ago. I am convinced that developing a game in a vacuum is not the way to go. Although I haven't been flooded with feedback, I have been able to use the feedback that I've received so far.

On that note, if you want to send feedback, I'll be very appreciative. If you are a game designer too,
I will reciprocate by providing feedback on your project as well.

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