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hello everyone! i'm here to announce that i'm stopping to work on Amnesia:The Dark Descent,you wanna know why? then keep reading =D
since i came to moddb i've meet good people, alot of groups of modders,and i helped to make 8-9 custom stories,but my time came,almost everyone are doing custom stories for fame. not for fun, not because they like to do custom stories but to prove that some people are better than other people. and that make me sad, and most of the people like to think that they are critics, so they say shitty things about your custom story and give a low rating and ignore all the work you had to make the custom story, and that's not a community for me, i don't like that, but there are still good people on this community, like unknowngamer100,neocrawler,sampleman,vengeful_nemesis,the blasterlizard team and some other people that i see that is around this community posting funny things for us and to make us happy and making us go more forward each day that pass, and a good thing i wanna tell to you that are reading this,my last custom story is called Amnesia:The Dream(directed by UnknownGamer100), i'm putting alot of effort on the maps for that custom story! more than the others!, and i guarantee to you that this custom story will be epic, it's not just scary, it is a custom story that have unique moments that maybe will make you happy or maybe sad, depending of your mental condition, but i'm not leaving this community, i will still be here to give high ratings and to show the good side of every custom story of amnesia the dark descent, thank you for reading to this point
have a good day(or night '-') and cya!!
(i used google translator so you may see some errors on my english '-')

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