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Sn1pe Mar 27 2014 replied:

That is a rather biased comment, friend.

+3 votes   news: Update 10: Covering Fire!
Sn1pe Sep 18 2013 says:

I'm glad you guys are still going at it despite the hardships. Those screenshots look amazing.

+2 votes   news: Devblog #14 - Reflections
Sn1pe Apr 7 2013 says:

those kicks look pretty slow giving it not so much of an impact imo with the exception of that finishing kick.

+1 vote   media: Goku's Level 1 Special Attack
Sn1pe Apr 1 2013 says:

April fools everybody, April fools.

God bless.

+4 votes   news: Happy April! :)
Sn1pe Jul 7 2012 says:

Very cool, sweet new weapon models, glad to see you guys are still making progress!

+2 votes   mod: No More Room in Hell
Sn1pe Jun 22 2012 replied:

Dude what the ****, That is the most ridiculous thing I've had the chance to read. Cryengine does not suck just because demotivated developers with wild ambitions give up on their project.

Switching to Cryengine was the best course of action for the mod not only because Source engine does not support the advanced and large STALKER like world that they hope to achieve but because they had to start from ground zero when Jlea's hard drive crashed. Now the project is kicking even better than before with content being made and implemented quickly as well as not having to put up with Source's gimmicks.

Face it, Source is aging and way too primitive to work with, it puts off so many great artists just because of all the quirks it takes just to get a simple model and texture in the game while furthermore there are so many bugs and problems that one may face due to how unstable the engine is *All of this is being said from experience, mainly the 2-3 years that Jlea has been working on the project as a source mod.*

If you truly appreciated the project you wouldn't be upset, You'd be happy that they were able to take this giant step forward with a chance to actually accomplish such a grand scale project.

+6 votes   game: Ivan's Secrets
Sn1pe May 16 2012 replied:

Raindrop is the one that started over, Ivan's Secrets has already made more content than it used to have.....

+5 votes   news: Project CryZone loses the status of "modification"
Sn1pe May 12 2012 replied:

Raindrop is a case of them not making up their minds on what engine they want to use, Ivan's Secrets has been making progress and they've been posting videos on their youtube channel, furthermore the switch to cryengine 3 supports the stalker-esque world they're aiming for.

+1 vote   news: Paradigm Shift
Sn1pe May 6 2012 says:

Rather strange how you said there was no point in reanimating the weapons yet you're doing it anyway.

+1 vote   mod: Underhell
Sn1pe Feb 3 2012 replied:

When did stating an opinion which could also be used as potential criticism become trolling? I hate people that are so quick to defend when they think every game made is absolutely perfect and has no flaws.

+4 votes   news: Gorilla released (NS2 Build 194)
Sn1pe Jan 25 2012 replied:

Can I animate it?

+2 votes   news: Donations
Sn1pe Dec 24 2011 replied:

That doesn't mean you shouldn't be adding some visual flare to it.

+2 votes   mod: Biohazard Project
Sn1pe Dec 5 2011 says:

Good job stealing concept art from Operation Black Mesa.

+3 votes   mod: Half-Life : The Alpha Unit
Sn1pe Dec 5 2011 says:

You ******, You stole this from Operation Black Mesa.

+6 votes   media: logo
Sn1pe Nov 10 2011 says:

Is The Rising really dead? That'd be a a huge shame really and a complete waste of resources, I feel as if my leg is being pulled here.

+1 vote   member: MatthewD
Sn1pe Nov 2 2011 replied:

git back to working on the game instead of advertising for facebook likes :(((((

+6 votes   news: 1500 FB likes achieved - Coop screenshots unlocked
Sn1pe Sep 27 2011 replied:

he only does it once, i couldn't think of anything better for the draw_first animation on the revolver

+1 vote   media: Some things
Sn1pe Sep 27 2011 replied:

stupid jlea used the actual fire anim for the dryfire what a big nerd

+3 votes   media: Some things
Sn1pe Sep 23 2011 replied:

Now that was just one hell of a low blow, unnecessary and uncalled for. Saying something is bad is also counter-constructive when you should just point out the rights/wrongs to make everybody's lives easier and on the road to making something better.

Lastly, most of my work for this mod was really old and placeholder and the makarov was not animated by me.

You'll be eating your own words upon the next video.

+1 vote   game: Ivan's Secrets
Sn1pe Jul 24 2011 replied:

TADA it's all placeholder **** that you won't even be seeing a month from now

+1 vote   mod: No More Room in Hell
Sn1pe Jun 1 2011 says:

dead? jlea you bitch i demand a refund

+4 votes   game: Ivan's Secrets
Sn1pe Mar 19 2011 replied:

They claim to have contacted the team but I don't recall getting any emails touching this matter.

-2 votes   news: Why we removed the school shooter mod
Sn1pe Mar 15 2011 says:

I would be jealous if I WAS working on your mod. I don't think I'd be able to carry that sort of shame unfortunately.

+4 votes   member: sergeant_stacker
Sn1pe Mar 15 2011 says:

damn i'm getting famous now

+3 votes   media: jealousy.jpg
Sn1pe Mar 15 2011 replied:

I can't offer an explanation because there is none hahaha same goes for Marcus and Curtis because I looked at the chat log and they were kicked while David said nothing, you yourself didn't even bother to care or question why, Secondly I don't need a reason/vigorous intent to get into the industry to work on a project, I simply wanted to offer my skills to Orion prelude and was shat on.

+4 votes   news: Miscommunication
Sn1pe Mar 15 2011 replied:

I will agree to this but you tried to dump several things on me to be completed within 2 days which is overboard, You should try learning a skill *since you have none at all* and see that it's alot harder than typing up words and fooling supporters.

As for the 2nd quit I technically didn't, I had already came to the conclusion that you FIRED ME WITHOUT NOTICE because I looked on the SGS forum and my dev access was revoked then I saw the recruitment posts saying that you're searching for 2 animators.

+5 votes   news: Miscommunication
Sn1pe Mar 15 2011 replied:

I've worked with him, I know william alot better than you do pal. I will upload the chat logs from skype if you want them so you can see his general "I'd be stupid to not work on orion I better play it safe and suck this guy off in hopes of my future career" attitude.

+8 votes   news: Miscommunication
Sn1pe Mar 15 2011 replied:

The only reason why people like yourself are defending him is because of desperation to get into the game industry which is not what I'm after, Yes, I'm talking to you William Cockham. If he really was a good guy he'd offer an explanation off the bat for what he did rather than silently kicking people from the group chat without a word, beyond unprofessional/immature. If you can't keep a promise then don't make one, If you don't like someone's work then immediately tell them to stop working and tell them why rather than make a phony PR excuse/cover-up a week later because you couldn't think of an excuse right off the bat for using their work without crediting/compensating them.

If he wants maybe we can cut a deal for my work that's currently in the game build since I wasn't technically fired, I just find it super freakingly surprising that my dev access was removed and that he's searching for 2 more animators as I was not informed of this you know thus leading me to extreme measures.

+14 votes   news: Miscommunication
Sn1pe Mar 15 2011 replied:

Hello, if you would like to read a rant created by me, a recent former developer at SGS then please go to this link as the number of characters exceeds the length for moddb comments.

+15 votes   news: Miscommunication
Sn1pe Mar 14 2011 replied:

get mad because of another dumb piece of ******* **** mod (that also doesnt bring anything new) we don't need and if you keep taking criticism like that you'll be a champ

+1 vote   media: lieutenant luther
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