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When i started the design of this title as a board game, I created three core classes for the player to choose from, each with a pre-mapped set of weapons and skills:

Critical Skills Operator - fastest, most accurate with weapons, most hit points
JTAC - Drone Control and Helicopter Support
Exploitation and Intelligence Operator - Locates enemy units, taps into communications and finds additional intel items at target sites

As we build the first level, I'm starting to question this. The original BPRE computer game I designed featured a system similar to what would end up in CoD, ie pick your unit's weapons and then pick perks/skills to back them up. As we get closer to a playable digital pre-alpha build, I am trying to gauge what gives the player the most freedom to express tactical problem solving and I am starting to lean towards my earlier design.

Recently having replayed the Black Ops II, BF3, Final Fantasy VII, Shadowrun Returns and Syndicate, I am torn LOL If you are reading this, I would love to know your feeling on this. Fixed classes with pre-mapped weapons/skills or Build your own commando and why please?

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