I'm passionate about gaming and have been doing it ever since 1996 when I got the PS1. I've been modding ever since late 2006 (almost a 10 year gap). My first ever mod was Desert Region for Morrowind. I tried modding for Half-Life but it's not for me. I focus mainly on my Desert Region mod series which will end after Desert Region 3 and I have plans for an indie game in the future. Watch this space...

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This is to inform about the upcoming Desert Region 2 release, plus my future projects. Firstly, Desert Region 2. I really appreciate how the interest in my mod was maintained for 3 years. I know I have been saying over and over again that a specific version would be the final release. I have fully played through Desert Region 2 and I have put down on paper what I have to fix. I have done most of the work just last weekend. I have added an upgradable amulet which can teleport you to quest areas, greetings are added to certain NPCs and I have added more maps to Northern Moscow (which can only be accessed after the main quest). I will release the next release when I feel it is ready; which might not even be in Q1 2010. The worst, it might be released in Q4 2010.

Concerning future projects, I have mentioned a third installment of Desert Region in past blogs. Modding on the Source engine felt a bit daunting and it did not have much of the features that I wanted (hardly any support for voice acting, collectable items...etc). I am saving up for a gaming rig so I could run the next generation of games on my computer.

Desert Region 3 will be in two parts. The first part will be for Fallout 3 and the second part will be for Oblivion.

But what about after Desert Region 3? Let us wait and see :)


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