Just who is the Enclave? Why, now that's simple, the Enclave is you, America. The Enclave is your sister, your aunt, your friend, your, neighbor. And well yes, the Enclave is me as well.

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You’re thirsty, aren’t you America? Not for knowledge, or power, no, I’m not speaking metaphorically. You’re thirsty for clean, fresh water. Water is the foundation of life. But here, in the Capital Wasteland, indeed, in the entire country, water is polluted. Irradiated. Deadly. Maybe you’ve got a makeshift purifier that cleans one glass of dirty water a day, or, or you sip from an ancient faucet in an abandoned subway restroom. But that’s not really living, is it? You’re simply existing, America. Postponing death for a day or two. Well, I’m gonna tell you, right here right now, those days are at an end. The Enclave is back America, we’ve brought clean water with us! For years, Enclave scientists have been hard at work on the most ambitious scientific endeavor the world has ever seen. Project Purity. Imagine America, millions, millions of gallons of water made fresh, clean, and completely pure. In a matter of minutes, and it’s all for you. Just a little bit more time, that’s all we need, and the purifier is ready for continual operation. And then, your thirst will truly be quenched. So, celebrate, sing out “America is back! America is beautiful!”

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