gamer. any game that i get into, i play to finish and win, not just for fun. used to break codes to skip levels and max items back in the 8-bit NES days. i like puzzles.. solved Rubiks Cube without help (took 4 pages of notes). solved fastest solution to Rubiks Magic Links from solved position either side to solved reverse side. i like pool/billiards and strategy in cards. super selective in multi-player games team/mmo party formation. loner, renegade, Christian, idealist, enigmatic. Bible prophecy student, current events interests.. and i love great deals on games

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level as in an indicator of activity level on the site.
i couldnt find this listed elsewhere on here, so i put it together... just because.
here are the first 40 and then some.. if u know the missing ones, feel free to add- thanks.
if you know all the allusions in the list, consider urself a game trivia fan or Desura veteran.

1-Newbie, 2-Player, 3-Creativity
4-ModRealm, 5-Instagib
6-Rocket Arena, 7-Gamer, 8-Designer
9-GaminZone, 10-GarrysMod
11-A Path Beyond, 12-Red Orchestra
13-Developer, 14-Maker of Stuff
15-Wally, 16-Day of Defeat
17-Action****, 18-Desert Combat
19-Game Changer
20-AddonDB, 21-OpenArena
22-Wanted!, 23-Shockwave
24-I want toast, 25-Come get' some
26-Project Desura, 27-Hammy-bob
28-Forgotten Hope
29-Earths Special Forces,30-Go figure?
31-Every game, every mod
32-War in Europe, 33-True Combat
34-Urban Terror, 35-Indie
36-Compiled, 37-DragonMODZZZZ
38-Fall from Heaven
39-Gameplay = KEY
40-Point of Existence
42-Knights of the Farce
43-Foxed, 45-Alien Swarm
48-Vanilla, 49-Headshot
50-Discovery Freelancer
53-Copyright WHA!?
63-Free, 68-Finish him


(btw, i think i read somewhere the level cap is 71... we'll leave that to Henley)

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