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Guys, the new year is coming! And I'm thinking about making a compilation of my tracks. 2011 - 2012 period! I'm also doing a remix of Winter!
WIP version is not up but let me remind you with the original: Soundcloud.com
Tell me what you think, should I put this up or not. I'm really not sure!
But the remix will be up! It's a new year's present for everyone! I'm going with electronic music influence. Kraftwerk mainly!
You know I've been waiting for someone to remix some of my tracks, but since no one did it I decided why the hell not to 'remix' some myself! I did some tweaks before to my first tracks, to make them feel like I originally wanted!
Evil ended up sounding really evil! This will feel different from the original!
I'm using the electric piano, synth drums and synth strings in MIDI for it! :D

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