I am an ambitions character artiest with plans to graduate with my Bachelor degree in 2010. I am a very determined, strong willed hard worker with big plans. After I graduate I plan to continue working where I am, while starting my own business.

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I'm happy to say we, the group have been creating, are finally getting things moving, one member is writing a story to the outline we've developed, another is working on gathering information for us in regards to protecting our stuff and developing some rough sketches of world map designs for a game I'm currently outlining, and I'm helping with the search while developing the outline and as well as finishing up a character model for the outline I'm working on. However before we want to make our work public we want to ensure are work is safe. We are currently in the process of learning about copyrights, patents, and trademarks, we don't want anyone stealing our ideas, not trying to say that they are or are not amazing but, they are ours and we want it to stay that way. If anyone has some advice we are all ears and appreciate all positive and or constructive comments and criticisms.

Curtis E. Beall

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