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Part 2

Cometes walked through the tunnel, quietly. Yellow eyes popped out of
nowhere in front of him.

Cometes: “What the..."

He turned on his flashlight and
placed it on his Assault Rifle. There was nothing. He continued to walk through
the waters of the tunnel with caution and slowly. The yellow eyes appeared
behind him on the ceiling. The eyes followed him. Accedo finished unwrapping
the rest of him. Lacertosus had just finished his last rounds of his turret.

Lacertosus: "Damn. I'm out."

Accedo: "Same."

The monster walked four steps forward.


Lacertosus: "Oh, you wanna piece of this, you wanna piece of this? Well,
bring it on."

Accedo: "Requesting...Evac."

The monster and Lacertosus ran toward each other. Lacertosus grabbed its
head and jumped on it.


The stitch of its breath came in Lacertosus nose.

Lacertosus: "Damn! Dude, what have you been eatin’, some spoiled
nachos. You need a breath mint."

Lacertosus took out a small breath
mint bottle and popped it open. He put one in his hand and threw it in the
monster's mouth. It started choking on it.

Monster:(cough, cough, cough).

It swallowed it.


Lacertosus: "Damn! Your breath
wreaks havoc. You know what, have the rest of the bottle."

Lacertosus dumped all the breath mints out of the bottle and into the
monster's mouth. It choked on all of them.


It swallowed them all.


Lacertosus: "Eh...stinks a little, but at least it smells better than

Lacertosus grab hold on its eyes and squeezed tightly.


It shakes its hand. Lacertosus started to lose its grip. It tossed him up
in the air. He took out a knife. It opened its mouth, wide-open. The slob came
down from his top teeth, down its chin. Lacertosus fell on its neck. He stabbed
it in his neck near the collar bone, deeply. Purple blood streamed down. He let
go of the knife.


The monster reached for Lacertosus, grabbed him and threw him to a wall.

Accedo: "Evac in 5mins. If my brother isn't back in 3, I'm going
after him."

Lacertosus got up.

Lacertosus: "Ugh...well, the quicker we kill this monster, the faster
we can go get your brother."

Accedo: "Okay."

Cometes took a step and fell five feet below and trembled down the cliff. His
leg was broken.

Cometes: "Dammit."

Cometes started walking a little funny, wobbling. He found a twig and a
few vines. He attached the twig to his leg to keep it elevated and tied it up
with the vines to keep it still and steady. He began to walk. He stumbled upon
a log. He stepped on it and it wobbled a little. He stayed steady and quiet and
just kept walking. He heard snoring below him. He point his flashlight at the
darkness under him. There was demons sleeping and all cuddled up on each other.
He kept walking. A piece of the log, fell to the darkness and hit the ground. He
looked back down. Luckily, it missed the demons and barely made a sound. One of
the demon's ears wiggled.

Cometes: "Phew."

He finally got over the log bridge and sees three caves: left, middle, right.

Cometes: "Crap."

He takes the left. Accedo gave one good punch to the monster's stomach. It
spit out blood.


Lacertosus jumped in the air and stabbed it in the head. Blood came down
to its eyes.


It tossed him into Accedo. It started changing and shrinking.

Lacertosus: "What?"

Accedo: "Huh?"

The monster, no not a monster, a human being, a dude.

Accedo: "Insequor!"

Insequor was getting dizzy.

Insequor: "Huh, what, brother? Accedo?"

Accedo: "What-"

Insequor: "Sorry, I don't have enough time to talk. Let me explain
everything. Argh...Corpus Corporis...ARGH...experiments...there's a guy...in
this room...ARGH...who's about to...ARGH...b-.ARGH!"

Insequor bleed from the corner of his mouth. The rescued soldier stabbed
him behind his back. Insequor fell to the ground.


Rescued soldier: "He was evil. He was a monster."

Accedo: "He's my brother, dumbass!!!!"

Rescued Soldier: "What's your point? He was gonna die anyways."

He took out a small cloth and gently wiped the blood off the hunting
knife. Cometes sees Jugiter in a yellow egg, floating in it and other yellow
eggs with demons inside them. He looked around to see if anything was nearby. Nothing
was anywhere. He ran over there. He touched the yellow egg. It jiggled. It felt
like jello. He analyzed it. He reached in and grabbed her. She was wet and
still alive, but she was asleep. Cometes forgot there were other yellow eggs
and the demons. They all opened their eyes. Cometes tied Jugiter to his back. Demons
jumped out of their eggs.


Cometes cleared his throat. He walked slowly. The demons walked slowly
behind him.

Cometes(thinking): "Will I make it? Can I outrun them with this
broken leg? Can I take them out? Well, I have no choice. I'll give it my

He began to run. The demons ran after him. He ran out of the cave and hid
in the middle cave next to him.

Cometes: "Phew."

The cave was dark. He waited and listened to their footsteps. After they passed
by the cave, a few pair of yellow eyes appeared in the cave, looking at him.

Cometes: "Damn."

There was a long growl in the lonely darkness. Cometes tapped Jugiter on
the leg.

Cometes: "Hold on."

He ran out of the cave. When he got to the bridge, a giant demon smashes

Cometes: “Shit.”

The only way for him to get across was to jump.

Cometes: "Okay...one, two, and three."

He ran to the edge and jumped to the other end at the edge. He hanged onto
it. Jugiter fell from his back. Cometes grabbed her, holding her by the hand, still
hangin' on.

The demons woke up. They looked up at Jugiter and jumped and tried to bite
her. You can tell they're hungry. Cometes' hand started to let go of the edge. Accedo
grabbed his hand and Lacertosus grabbed Accedo's back. Cometes hand was
slipping from Jugiter's hand because of the yellow jello-like substance.

Cometes: "I'm losing my grip."

Cometes pulled her up and let go, then grabbed her at the arm. Accedo
pulled him up.

Lacertosus: "What happened to Jugiter?"

They laid her down.

Cometes: "I have no clue. But, I do have a scan."

Before he could take out his scanner....

Giant Demon:(roared).

Lacertosus: "We better get the hell outta here. We'll look at that
scan, later."

Accedo picked Jugiter up and put her on his back. They ran back.

Cometes: "What's that noise?"

Accedo: "What noise?"

Lacertosus: "Shhh...Listen."

They all paused and looked behind them. There was a whole pack of demons
charging at them.

Lacertosus: "Oh, crap."

Accedo: "Run!"

They ran back to the cliff. Lacertosus took Jugiter's Assault Rifle and
fired at the demons. He was able to kill a few demons. It only take several
bullets to kill a demon. Accedo climbed to the top of the cliff.

Lacertosus: "I'm running out of ammo, here."

A demon jumps on him from the ceiling. They rolled and tumbled on the
ground. The demon was on top, clawing him. Lacertosus blocked like he was
boxing. He punched it in its jaw.


It clawed again. He blocked and punched both of its jaws. The demons were
getting closer to them. He kicked it off of him.


The demon opened its mouth and charged at him, trying to bite him.

Lacertosus: “Come on."

The demon opened its mouth wider. Lacertosus grabbed the upper jaw of the
demon and ripped it off of its mouth. The demon flipped backwards. Lacertosus
looked at the jaw in his hand.

Lacertosus: "Hmmm...This could come in handy someday."

He ran to Cometes, giving him a boost to reach Accedo hand by putting him
on his shoulders. Cometes grabbed Accedo's hand. Accedo pulled him up. Lacertosus
climbed up. Accedo and Cometes helped pulled him up.

Accedo: "Uh-oh."

Lacertosus: "What?"

Cometes: "I hate uh-ohs. They give me gas and the next thing you
know, you're sitting on the toilet for a few days and then, it's non-stop and
guess what comes out of your ass when it's non-stop...s-"

Accedo: "Not that uh-oh and seriously keep the gas station story to

Lacertosus: “Then, what?"

Accedo: "We only got one minute 'til Evac. Then, they'll blow the place."

Lacertosus: "You've gotta be kidding me."

Cometes: "Son of a Bitch!!!"

Lacertosus: "So, let me get this straight. In one minute, our
transport will come in thirty seconds and after another thirty seconds, if
we're not on that pickup, we all go boom. Something’s not right."

Cometes: "This is stupid. Way more stupid than my gas station story. I'm
a get to the bottom of this."

Accedo: "Well, let's not waste time standing here. We better get a
move on."

The demons started climbing the cliff. Lacertosus picked Jugiter up and
carried her in his arms. They ran into the tunnels. The rescued soldier kneeled
down to Insequor. Insequor was still alive. He looked at the rescued soldier. He
couldn't talk.

Rescued soldier: "Insequor..."

He shook his head.

Rescued soldier: "You know what happens to people who disobeys

Insequor swallowed. Blood was still leaking out of his mouth.

Rescued soldier: "They die!!!!"

He covered Insequor's mouth and stabs him in the throat and scrape up his

Rescued soldier: "There's gonna be someone else filling in for you. He'll
be coming here soon."

Some of the demons jumped of the cliff and chased the scholas.

Giant Demon:(roaring).

The giant demon ran over some
demons and jumped on the cliff and chased them also. The scholas was at the end
of the tunnel. They stopped when they heard something else behind them. Lacertosus
grabbed the bullets from Jugiter and reloaded her gun. He turned around and
fired at nothing. It was a waste of good bullets. He reloaded again and stare into
the darkness. Three demons running and crawling on the ceiling. He fired up at
the demons. The bullets went inside the three demons multiple times. The demons
fell off the ceiling. Accedo and Cometes ran outta the tunnel.

Giant Demon :(roared).

Lacertosus looked back quickly. The giant demon rammed him, knocking him
backwards and Jugiter off his back Cometes walked to Insequor.

Cometes: "Brother? Brother!"

The giant demon picked him up and squeezed hard, holding him tightly.

Cometes: "ARGH!"

Accedo heard a scream and turned around.

Accedo: "Damn."

It didn't take him long to react. He grabbed Jugiter's gun and fired. The
giant demon let go of Cometes and gave its attention on Accedo. Cometes
recovered from the squeezing pain and took out two flares. There was a noise
above them. It was an aircraft. Cometes lit the flares. The giant demon charged
at Accedo. He rolled under it. It slammed into the wall. Accedo jumped on it, went
to its head, and shot it a few times. It lowered down and played dead. The
aircraft spotted the two flares and lowered down enough for them to get on. Accedo
looked at the time.

Accedo: "Not much time left. Only 20 seconds remaining."

Accedo helped Lacertosus up.

Accedo: "Come on. We've gotta hurry."

Cometes picked Jugiter up and carried her to the aircraft. Lacertosus and
Accedo walked back to the aircraft. The rescued soldier ran inside.

Accedo: "Take off immediately. Only 6 seconds remaining."

There was another aircraft in the air. It had a giant bomb, ready to drop.
The rescued soldier was the co-pilot. He drove the aircraft up in the air. As
the bomb dropped, they're aircraft took off. The bomb hit the ground and
exploded the lab. They managed to escape, but the power of that huge explosion,
hit the back of the aircraft.

Pilot: "Meday! Meday! Meday!"

Lacertosus: "Hang on to something!"

The aircraft was on fire and going down. It was about to crash. The fire
got worse and went ablaze.

Accedo: "Oh, shit."

One of the aircraft's wings hit a tree and broke off. Lots of smoke came
from that side. Another wing broke off, hitting another tree. Gigantic gases of
smoke covered the aircraft, twisting around in circles. The aircraft hit the
ground, roughly, making a huge, narrow, parallel, line of dirt. The doors were
jammed. The windshield was busted. The aircraft was smashed and beaten. The
fire lit a small amount on the aircraft. Everyone was completely unconscious
except for the rescued soldier. He unbuckled his seatbelt and walked over to
Cometes. He kidnapped him. He breaks the windshield and climbs out of it. The
aircraft that blew up the facility came to his rescue, leaving the other
scholas stranded for death, heading back to headquarters. The rescued soldier
put Cometes on a testing table and began to provide destructive chemicals to
his body.

Cometes: "ARGH!!!!!!!"

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