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Okay,so Luna eclipsed was a nice episode,etc. However,some people fail to notice some stuff.

Costumes are based on something. they usually don't come out of the blue. So,based on the costumes:

There was a ninja-pony. Something like our far east exist in Equestria,or existed.
There were several ponies dressed as various Egyptian figures. a fun-fair-egypt type land existed in equestria... and it had mummies.
Astronaut pony. 'nuff said. Equestria's tech is advanced enough to have SPACE FLIGHT. it's magic probably, but non the less, Eqestrians in SPACE is now confirmed.

So,from only one episode we now know that equestrian society has space travel, probably on the same level that we had in the last century, and it had or has more than one pony colture: Egyptian and Fart Eastern.

we also learned that equestrian society is very similar to others, whit many shared myths (vampires, Werewolfs, witches,Zombies). we also learned that equestria has once being similiar to the Medievil ages,and that 1000 years have passed since,putting equestria in a time period probably similar to our 19-20 centuries.

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