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Posted by Son_of_Iron on Jan 17th, 2011

I finished the first squad of my grand company of Iron Warriors today. Soon as I get a decent camera, ill post a few pics around here. Any ideas for some fluff? Or maybe some paint ideas? I could certainly use some ideas, I really like the lore surrounding Warhammer 40K so im open to just about anything you can throw at me. Please, by all means, leave some comments! :)

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Glowstick_Rebel Jan 29 2011 says:

Iron Warriors eh? sounds good. ive got feck all experience with those guys but i think they were featured in the book "Salamander" by Nick Kyme. All i got from that is that they do like a good bit of tech. Are they in the Lexicanum?

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Son_of_Iron Author
Son_of_Iron Jan 29 2011 replied:

They are in lexicanum, but there fluff isn't very juicy unfortunately.
They are in the Ultra marines book "Dead Sky, Black Sun" Wich actually takes place on Mendregarde, The Iron Warrior fortress planet. They also have there OWN book, entitled "Storm of Iron" Haven't read that one though.

They like more that a "Good bit" of tech as well... They are responsible for the Obliterator Virus and through that, The creation of Obliterators. Most of the men in there legion have more Bionics than actual human tissue.

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Glowstick_Rebel Jan 30 2011 says:

Sweet. Wow they created Obliterators, so all the other choas factions just stole the idea off them? Lame.

Talked to a mate about "Storm of Iron". Said it was pretty good but had quite alot from the side of the 383rd Jouran Dragoons Imperial Guard.

Yeah my good bit of tech was a tiny bit of an understatement and yes the Lexicanum let me down on any decent info. Do you know how long till you can put up the pictures?

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Son_of_Iron Author
Son_of_Iron Feb 1 2011 says:

I finally found a decent camera, but (and im not making this up) Unless I buy like $20 (USD) batteries, they die after about 45 seconds. Some time within the week for sure.

... 383rd? Wow... would you believe that 2 guardsman (guardsman, NOT marines) were actually SURVIVING on Mendragarde? no ****, they play a pretty important part in "Dead Sky, Black Sun"
And they are from that particular legion

The other factions didn't "Steal" them, they are required to make VERY strong pacts with the Obliterator cult, as well as offerings, (not flesh mind you, but scavenging rights)in return for the ability to summon them to the battle field. The Iron Warriors are responsible for the creation of the cult, and thus, can call upon it at there whim. In fact, one proposed rule on DakkaDakka.com is that should the player chose to field a Warsmith, Obliterators may be taken as a troop choice instead of a heavy support. Should Obliterators be contacted, they are promised "First dibs" on the battle field after the battle. Obliterators operate outside the normal parameters of chaos. should one of these pacts be broken, the offending legion would have a better chance of survival if it attacked Terra itself.

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Glowstick_Rebel Feb 1 2011 says:

45 seconds? Seriously how epic is that camera to drain batteries that quick?

Oh so the obliterators are like a seperate cult, fair enough. Whatdo you mean by "scavenging rigts"? Like they decide what tech to take?

DakkaDakka is a fine website but most of those rules are just proposed so basically no one uses them in game.

Think ill post some of my collection but ill see if any of its up to standard first!

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Son_of_Iron Author
Son_of_Iron Feb 2 2011 replied:

That's the problem lol. It's not an epic camera (not really) I mean, it's a photography camera, was $150 bucks (USD) but it uses so much power that if you just buy cheap *** Dollar store batteries (Like I do most of the time) They die in a few seconds.

An Obliterator is always looking to better himself, Not the army hes working for, not the cult in general, only himself. So, in some cases they require the rights to scavenge the battle field for tech FIRST before anyone else can look for like stray Bolters, a still functioning las-cannon, a flamer or two, Stuff like that, just to make there OWN arsenal more and more expansive.

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Glowstick_Rebel Feb 4 2011 says:

Ooooh fair enough. Is there a rule for how much weaponry a table top model can hold?

Lame about the batteries, duracel it up? But $150 is quite a bit for a camera, what thats like £100 quid.

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Son_of_Iron Author
Son_of_Iron Feb 4 2011 says:

Lol, As a matter of fact, I used Duracel batteries and they actually last for a while!

Yes, there is. But Obliterators have all of the following and can fire anyone that they want, they are also relentless so they can fire each one without having to set up there weapons.

Heavy Flamer
Plasma Gun
Heavy Bolter

All of which are twin-linked :o
Sadly, only one of these weapons may be fired each turn, but it REALLY opens up the possibilities. They are a heavy support choice and come in squads of three. Meaning I can field 9 of each of the aforementioned weapons. The problem? There Pewter, and cost 20$ (USD) EACH. I can get a land raider, a Vindicator, A predator, and a defiler, each For the same price as one squad of these. They cost way less points too.

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