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Now, most people put their worldly complaints, rants, what-have-yous here. I however, save my rants for personal, at-home use. So, instead of my rants, I will put my imagination to use and set up a 'journal' of sorts here.

Bear in mind, that this is NOT a journal of real-world events, just like it's doubtful I will ever see a real Tesla Tank parked in my driveway. Therefore, if you don't wish to look at what my twisted, maze-like, ever-insane mind can come up with, I'm not asking you to read it, just deal with it. Each entry will be set up like a report, and it's doubtful if any of them will be too short (under 200-300 words).

Finally, if I can remember where I parked my Amphibious APC and where I left my Desolator Corp.-issue Rad-Cannon, I'm thinking of going pirate hunting... now, where did I put those launch codes...? The first report of my travels across all of creation (and my twisted mind) will be posted as soon as I can figure out where I left my APC keys.

Oh, yeah, before I forget, I do not own many of the things mentioned in the afore-mentioned reports, if I did, I'd be very, very, very filthy rich, and slowly trashing the US national debt, a couple million in cash at a time.

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