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Seriously. What's the deal with people pissing all over those that use INVEdit for their structures? Sure, if it's a 10x10x10 wooden hut, it's just being lazy and cheap. But if it's a giant 5-minute-diamond-and-gold roller coaster, you're seriously going to complain it's not legit? WELL DONE, CAPTAIN OBVIOUS, IT ISN'T.

The point of building in the game is the creativity, albeit only for exceedingly large creations. I mean, do people seriously expect other people to slog it out mining and then maybe smelting the 10,000+ blocks required to build some of the amazing things out there? Is it really THAT important to spend that extra YEAR of your life probably, JUST to make it "LEGIT"?

Again, it's about the CREATION, not how you procure the blocks. It's a personal choice to use INVEdit that becomes almost a necessity for larger structures, so it's really only fair to criticize someone using INVEdit, if they're using it in situations to try and show off their work, such as having say, 10 diamond blocks. But what I don't get is when people STILL get criticized for showing off their creations that OBVIOUSLY were made with INVEdit. What's wrong with a solid diamond castle? Is it oh so "taboo" because it's unnatural? If it's so blatantly obvious that it's been made with INVEdit, flaming the person is just being an idiot. Great youtubers use INVEdit to make show off their new creations and contraptions like vending machines and man-cannons and THEY don't get any flak for it.

In conclusion, INVEdit is a personal choice, and it's sole purpose should be to show off fun creations, concepts, designs and ideas, not to cheat your way through SSP or be a fraud and claim credit for plausibly "legit" structures, when they aren't. Above all, it's purpose is TO HAVE FUN. But alas, the boundary is blurred by those obsessed people that actually DO spend days on end mining and smelting materials to make what can be made with INVEdit in a day... Comments on this matter, anyone?

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