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So I have come to the conclusion that I should post a games list up on ModDB. Both singleplayer games and multiplayer/co-op games.
Multiplayer/Co-op Games:
Dungeon Defenders
Call of Duty 4
Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2
Tribes: Ascend
Left 4 Dead 2
Halo 1
Counter-Strike: Source*
Frozen Synapse*
Half-Life 2: Deathmatch*
Lead and Gold - Gangs of the Wild West*
* = Uninstalled games
Of the above uninstalled games, I'd probably only really install Sanctum again. The reason it isn't installed currently is because my computer is a tad too slow to handle the larger hordes of smaller creatures (ironic right?). Plus, it's super addicting. I have a L4D2 custom map that's basically Minecraft in L4D2, so if any of you want to play that some time (or any other map/mode in L4D2) I'd love to play.
Singleplayer Games:
Lugaru HD (Prequel to Overgrowth basically)
And Yet It Moves*
Crayon Physics Deluxe* (Uninstalled, but still on of my favorite all-time games)
Mirror's Edge* (Uninstalled, due to space constriction, but I loved it (never finished))
Penumbra: Overture*
Portal* (I really did like this one, but like ME, removed because I needed space)
Revenge of the Titans*
Samorost 2*
Shadowgrounds: Survivor*
Star Wars Republic Commando* (Uninstalled, another of my all-time favorites!)
TRAUMA* (Uninstalled, very interesting and unique game)
Trine* (Liked it, but not enough to keep it installed :P)
VVVVVV* (Uninstalled, but I love it. It reminds me of the classic flash games :))
World of Goo*
So basically most of my singleplayer games are all indie titles and most of them are decent in some respect, but very few of them are worth an entire playthrough. Lugaru HD, Bastion, SpaceChem, and TRAUMA would probably be the games that I would dedicate time to finishing. I may end up doing a Let's Play of the first two sometime. Anyway, let me know about any Multiplayer games that we have in common and if you ever want to play, hit me up on Steam (nick: Arcones) or Xfire (nick: Arcones107).

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Arcones Author

Also, updated the background so it's not as bright in some places. Let me know what you think.

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Republic Commando is one of my fav games lol, loved playing that on multi player. You ever played that real small map (can't remember what its called) with the max number of players? I loved it rofl, you spawn, you run into the tunnel things, you throw the thermal dets then run back, hopign you don't get blasted. Had loads of fun on that xD.

And I can't believe you don't have EaW... You missed out on some great times, SP is alright but MP was so much fun xD (until it died *sighs*).

Only MP game we have in common is SWBF 1+2, mainly cause I prefer RTSs lol. I suck at first person shooters >.< (though I am good at running into combat like a madman and distracting people with my amazing ability to do incredibly stupid things in a small amount of time... xD).

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Arcones Author

Hmm, I played a few matches online with RC, but it seemed a little ridiculous to be honest xD

And no, I haven't taken the time to buy EaW, although I do love RTS games.

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I found it highly amusing lol. I have fond memories of me shooting guys with shotguns xD.

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Arcones Author

Those were some pretty awesome weapons as well. Good times...

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