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I took some time yesterday to research some VPN programs that were better than Hamachi. My goal was to find one that allowed more than 5 people to join a Virtual Private Network (VPN) at one time. (lets put it this way, those who commented on my Minecraft picture who wanted to play equaled 5 in total. That means there's automatically one person who's bumped from playing)

What I came up with was Evolve. I edited my last blog post with some of this info but I decided it'd just be easier to make a new blog post. Why not Tunngle? you may ask. Why not? Because Tunngle doesn't seem to want to work across oceans. Simple as that. Saber and I tried to get it to work, but it didn't. Plus, the UI is incredibly busy, not clear at all. It's the opposite for Evolve.

Evolve is a VPN that allows a rather large number of users to join together, much like Hamachi, but the difference is Evolve does not have a player limit (at least, so far as the game and/or Evolve itself is concerned). The current party that I created allowed 15 people to join my Minecraft world.

I would recommend downloading it immediately:

Click on the red button that says, "Start Playing with Evolve!". That will have you set up an account. From there, you'll be transported to your profile. Near the top right is a download button. Get that download running and so long as you've confirmed your registration, you're good to go. Seriously, that's all there is.

Add me as a friend and you can join my server by simply jumping into the party I created. Saber, Cork and I already tested it out and it works well, better than Tunngle due to the fact that we could actually connect with one another.

Hope to see the ModDB Mercenaries building some pretty epic stuff soon!


Yes, Hamachi annoyed me with number of players decreased, but there are simple ways to fix it. Like you can make more networks so all your friends are at least on the same network as host (you). Never heard of Evolve, but sounds good. When I have Hamachi problems again (always a matter of time) I'll look at it, thanks for the tip.

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Arcones Author

Yeah no problem. I had found the same solution as well, but figured it'd be a hassle to work it out.

That's why I went for a 1 party solution :P

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