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Part 18: A Favour From Above

I started to take Arcane’s hope as my own, getting out of Freeside as soon as
possible. All Freeside’s full of is hell and tension. I planned on making this
my last visit to the King, and finally get to Vegas, since I was pretty close
to the two thousand cap requirement. I approached the King, to see a look of
hope on his face.

“I have faith in your abilities” he said. “And you got my boys out of the line of
fire. It’s not often I do something like this, but I more than certainly owe
you a favour. I’ll allow you one favour for all your service to me.”

“Oh, well what favours could you do me?” I asked

“Hmm” he considered deeply for a moment. “I can see three possible things. I can let
you become an honorary king member, I could provide you with one thousand caps,
or I could see if I can get you a fake passport to get into Vegas for free.”

Those were some…very good offers. I took Arcane to the corner of the room to discuss
it with him in private.

“Hey, what do you think?” I asked him about what we should choose.

“Yeah, they’re all pretty good offers. We obviously don’t want to become a King, since
we aren’t about to hang around Freeside anytime. We could go for the cash if we
want to get to Vegas, and we can get the Passports if you want to stay there,
if we ever happen to fall below two thousand.” He responded with his opinions.

“Sounds like the money is our best option.” I suggested” buy us an apartment and store
our stuff there; we’re carrying a crazy amount of stuff.”

Arcane nodded, so we went back to the King to ask for the money.

“We’ll take the cash.” I asked.

“Certainly.” He said, and escorted us up a set of stairs within the building, to a room
overflowing with caps. There must have been at least five thousand.

“Holy shit.” Arcane and I said in unison. “What the hell are you doing sitting on a

He chuckled slightly. Yeah, it may be a fortune, but it’s not all mine. This is
every single member’s supply of money, we just store it here.” He delivered the
excitement crushing truth. But still, about a quarter of it is mine. So dig in
and take a thousand.”

I jumped in, and rolled around in it as if I was rich, picking up caps as I went.
After a few minutes, we had gathered the sum together, and waved to the King as
we left. Standing infront of us was the heavenly and metallic rusty gates
between hell and heaven. We didn’t take our sweet time in getting to the gate.

“Halt.” Said one of the many robots standing around the gate to defend it. “Submit to a
credit check for entry into Vegas.”

“Certainly.” As we handed out a bag for it to count. Surprisingly, it scanned the money, and
only took about a minute for it to be counted. We stepped past the robots, and
were almost touching the door, when a poorly dressed man came running to us. It
was the same guy who had the sledgehammer when I was attacked, and got stuck in
the metal fencing.

This time he held up a makeshift mace, and his face was
running with blood. I drew up my rifle, but the bot knocked it out of my hands,
and blasted him with a laser. He fell down, as the bots pelted him with their
high temperature lasers, leaving him a pile of burned ash by the end. I grabbed
my gun off the ground and turned to the robot.

“HEY!” I shouted at it. “What the hell was that for?”

“We have been dispatched for your protection. Please allow us to handle all
conflict, as that is our assigned task.” It said

“Oh well, he had no chance anyway.” Arcane reminded me, as we both stepped through
the shiny steel gate to our future.

Notice: The Content in this story (Characters, Locations and Objects) are copyright of Bethsada Softworks, Obsidian Entertainment, or their respective owners. This is just a fan story, with no copyright intented. So please Bethsada, don't sue me, I love your games :D

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