Architectural drafter by day, games artist by night. Message me if you have a project I can help with!

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I can't imagine anyone would be directed to this blog post, but I'm gonna write it anyways :P

By day I work in an architectural studio drafting and designing buildings. At night, I spend hours with my sketch book dreaming up vehicles, characters, and environments. I'm hoping that someone could have a use for me here, or at least put me to work creating art assets for a cool mod!

My favorites are always PC RTS games, especially the C&C and DoW series. I don't play RPGs, but I will work on any project.

I can model in 3ds Max, Maya, and Rhino (doubt anybody uses Rhino for games though). I'm good at drawing and creating loose sketches. Since I have a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, environments and level design is my strong suit but I am equally attracted to concept art of all kinds.

I'm not a good illustrator or painter, and I don't produce full blown pieces of color art. However, I'd like to start working in color and illustration as I continue to develop my drawing skills.

Whether you need me to design a character, vehicle, environment, or level, send me a message! I'd love to hear from you.



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