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Location: Europe - Looking for: Artists

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Project Xenophobia it's recruiting 3D modelers for environment/character models and Animator.

Project Xenophobia it's a work in progress action based game where the player takes the role of an Alien race trying to survive and have the upperhand on the hostility that a bizarre planet has to offer.

The player will be able to find resources and find the best way to make something useful out of them to survive in a dire world to show that not always the strongest rules.

Monsters (from smaller and subtle ones to Huge and stomping ones) will try to survive and eventually disrupt your plan to win on the hostile natural environment.

The game it's focused on the gameplay. The game features an ecosystem, crafting system, dynamic events and more

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If you're interested in the project or want to know more about it, feel free to contact me on skype (nickname: blackfeather87) or send an email at:

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