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I am an experienced Narrative Designer looking for a new project. I currently have a few small projects that I am doing for myself, but would like to primarily work on another game or mod to completion.

A little about myself:

- I am just about finished up with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing for Entertainment with a focus on Video Game Narrative Design.
- I have experience working on indie games as well as larger RPGs.
- I'm available at virtually all hours, though I am located in Europe.
- I have worked primarily with fantasy and sci-fi games, but have experience in children's entertainment, horror, and comedy.
- I'm an avid gamer who plays mostly RPGs and MMOs, but I am a fan of virtually any game with a good story.

English is my native language, but I also speak fluent Spanish and German as well as conversational Dutch and Arabic.

Writing Portfolio

I am not looking for any compensation, I would just like to have my name on some more finished products!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I have other writing samples that I have excluded from my portfolio but would be willing to share if needed.

To Apply

Send me an e-mail at or message me on Skype id: Zynnerelle.

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