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Programmers located Long Island, New York...(but anywhere in the US is fine).

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Hey, everyone! I'm new to this site, but I'm primarily a writer. I've learned some general things about game design and development recently on my own time, but I still consider myself a beginner.

I have some ideas for survival/apocalyptic/zombie/story driven games. But I'm looking for people to help me and that I can work with and create a team for making games hopefully. I'm looking for anyone really, in any field, that is serious about game making and would like to pursue it, preferrably with the genres of games I mentioned. If you're interested please email me and tell me what your primary field/fields of experience are. Email me at

I'm looking to learn from others with this as well, so I'm open to any level of experience, but just have the motivation and desire to do this. I'm hoping to hear from some people soon, and I'll get into detail with you then, as I'm open to ideas and don't want to have a set project before I have other people who would be involved in the game. I want to collaborate with whoever I find, that are interested. So thanks for reading, and I hope to talk soon!


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Send me an email with your primary field/fields of work and your overall level of experience in game making. Also your age and where you're from/located. Send it to

Long Island, New York...(but anywhere in the US is fine)
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