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WHAT IS DARKTEKā„¢? Darktekā„¢ is a new opened Indie Studio who is working on it first videogame. We have a complete and competent team made by more than twenty people actually. We are focused on provide the highest quality on our games, looking and trying to reach always the highest level of quality. IS THIS A PAID POSITION? No, it isn't. Due we are starting and this is our first project we do not have budget to pay wages or similar. The only we can do is to pay all of our team members a percent of the profit. WHAT ABOUT THE PROJECT? Our first project, called 'Fall of Times' is a Tactical Shooter with RPG character evolution. It is based on a post-nuclear world. You can find more information about it on our ModDB section ALRIGHT I'M INTERESTED. WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? Below you can find a list of requirements that would be needed for this offer:

  • Good knowledge of Photoshop, HTML, CSS and PHP.
  • Takes initiative and is willing to expand own horizon.
  • Requirements:
  • Knowledge of common performance issues and the methods to optimize website design and functions.
  • Be proactive and self-motivated, work with direct supervision.
  • Good creativity. We are looking for a something fresh and new.

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Send a resume with your portfolio, works, etc and your Skype ID to

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Anywhere | Skype
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