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Audio/Music located Anywhere.

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About the Project:

Voluntary fanbased portfolio project = no pay, sorry.

Supernatural is a game based off but not limited to the TV show Supernatural which is aired on the American Network CW. The Game has its own story line and Characters that permeate the Supernatural Universe. You will play as a hunter who must investigate paranormal occurrences/deaths in an area, determine the type of threat and resolve it with the appropriate weapons. Enemy's will range from Spirits to demons and monsters etc..

No copyright is being infringed, The game is unique in ever manner to the TV show it may from time to time crossover with the series and if this becomes an issue, it can easily be rectified through a few small name changes and references. I personally don't think Warner will have an issue however I am prepared if there is.

We require both male and female voice actors. Middle aged voices, young voices
A good base understanding of supernatural, its lore and general workings. If you do not know Supernatural you should show an interest in catching up in order to enrich the story.
A good understanding of voice acting and impersonation.
American/Canadian Accent

Your tasks:
Voicing one or more characters depending on your abilities experience.
Clear well spoken and legible content.
Not required that you have professional equipment but a big plus.
At the very least a medium quality microphone

What we offer:
Working in whatever medium that best suits you.
Working in your own time without pressure or limits
A link back to your Soundcloud/Portfolio
Freedom to post your efforts wherever you want
Exposure via our website and social media and due credit for your work(s). Having a project like this as part of your portfolio can be priceless.

I hope you will considering joining the team.

Project Lead

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