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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Audio/Music

Posted by on Jul 10th, 2012

As a Voice actor at Infinity Interactive you will be expected to record high detailed voice and keep it at a high detail. You will also be expected to be able to show expression in your voice, such as anger, confusion and show passion through the voice of your character.

For the character you are assigned, you are given the characters profile so that you can understand best what the characters voice must be like.

If editing is required it is a good skill to have editing skills.

Basic Rules

- If you are currently working with another company/group please state who in your email application, if accepted any work made for Infinity Interactive applications/games must not be used for other groups and must be kept to us and only us. This also means any work made for another company must not be used for us.

- You must be a Team Player and friendly towards your co-workers. If you have a problem you wish to talk about, contact Ancient.

As for all jobs at Infinity Interactive, they are unpaid as of now, but we hope to pay members of staff further in the future so if accepted now you are offered a permanent place.

As always good luck and try to make your email as satisfying as possible.

You must show examples of your work in the application.

Thankyou for reading.

To Apply

Send an application to or you can get a faster response by submitting your Application to Most applications will be answered within 8 hours. Thank you.

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