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Location: USA Ideal, Britain, Australia - Looking for: Web/Other

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((NOTICE CHANGE 11/10/2013))
We are only looking for GIRL Voice actors now.

- Decent Microphone
- Fluent English [Unless from UK/AUS]
- Acting Skills [I.e Be able to act as you're crying and so on]
- Access to a Phone / Skype 24/7
- Must be able to give a LIVE example when asked

----What yo will be doing----
You will be a Voice Actor saying lines and giving speeches for the IN-GAME characters of Adventures Let Free

We don't have much because we love to allow our employees to be who they want to be as long as it doesn't interfere with others working or causing physical harm, example if someone ask you to stop please just simply stop...

The payment information is on our site -

To Apply

Send your Resume/Demo to

USA Ideal, Britain, Australia
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