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Hello everyone,

We've had several drives to look for employees in the past. While working with some talented people, the number we chose weren't enough for the project we’re working on. With that being said, we are looking for Unity3D programmers and developers for our upcoming title, Project Icarus. You can find all the information about it here:

Programmers will need to have:

- Access to and willingness to communicate via Skype regularly (location is not an issue)

- A high level of commitment to the project (that means staying in communication with me or the project manager)

- A medium-high level of experience with Unity3D languages (C# and Javascript)

The group you'll be working with are a friendly and creative team who are driven to achieve high standards in their work. The positions we're now offering will also be paid on a pro-bono basis and work may extend beyond what we are currently doing, dependent on the success of our project. You will be given a Non-Disclosure and Payment agreement when you are accepted.

We'd like to thank everyone who has applied thus far, the enthusiasm displayed has been awesome.

To Apply

If you are interested in applying for the programmer position, or if you have further questions, please contact Kenny at

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