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At the moment seeking people that might be interested in this project, its been on my mind for many years and the game is in Concept Mode with about 6 months of work. Its title most likely will be "Time Lords" set within the Doctor Who Universe and the Time Wars, but a little darker. Player will travel to new worlds and places in time and space. Here they must root out evil and put things right.

I want to put together a small demo for BBC for review and approval to use names of character and models and even possibly assets from the show (music, stories ideas etc..) There are plans if this fails to do without the doctor who universe, but keep the idea of a Time Traveling player and his time machine sent by his race of people called Time Lords(subject to change).

At this moment no funds are avail to pay until produced or Investments made such as (Kickstarter etc.), at this moment I am doing all the work in Unity3D,3DSMax,Mudbox etc.. Looking to find people excited as i am to create something about this universe. Originally wanted to create a MMO, but switched to ARPG or RPG mode.. MMOrpg would be a awsome way to explore the Doctor Who universe, but a little over my head at this time.. Lets Talk. Thanks for Listening..

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