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Programmers located Pasadena, CA.

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Goon studios is looking for an outstanding game engineer with expertise in Unity 3D, C# and Java. Must have experience with Gameplay & Network programming. Must be able to develop for all platform (iOS, Android, Console) with an emphasis on PC. Familiarity with XBOX controller programming is a definite plus. Fluency in 3D terminology and knowledge of a game pipeline is a must.

The candidate must possess a solid understanding of performance overhead versus scope of a design. The ability to build a full game loop prototype insanely fast (1 to 2 weeks) is a necessity. This requires for the candidate to be highly flexible, self-motivated and can take complex and potentially vague design directions and translate these into an actionable plan.

We are looking for a permanent member of the team, someone who plays games and is aware of what is happening in the industry right now. We would like someone that can easily come up with ideas and brainstorm with the group with the added ability to lead and follow at the appropriate times. We are located in Pasadena, CA and are only accepting local candidates in the LA area.

If you meet the above specifications, please submit your resume, cover letter and game demo/prototype.

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