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Hi, would you like a chance to work on a possible future licensed game? At October Games we have been talking with Full Moon Features about developing a video game demo for there PUPPET MASTER franchise. The only catch is that none of us are getting paid for just the demo. It's more of a proof of concept and it will open doors for us. The ultimate goal is to release the game officially with Full Moon Features blessing.

I would say 80% of the art is done and the only thing holding us back is the programming.

We Need...
To create Online Multiplayer modes with basic death match and team death match.
a combat system that allows attacking blocking and finishing moves.

Apply if...
1: You have experience with Unity 3D.
2: You can meet on skype once a week to show progress.
3: A great work ethic.
Bonus are...
1: You are a Puppet Master fan.
2: You are a B horror movie fan.

To Apply

Message me on Moddb "Ocotobergame_drake" or email me at ""

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