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Greetings Indie DB!

My name is Steve Wishart, I am the founder of an indie gaming studio based here in the UK.

We're creating an online MMO and we are looking for developers of the Unreal Engine to help create a demo to encourage our huge support to help finance the full game development through buying in game rewards that will be available to them.

We have a huge support of more than 3,000 gamers who are currently playing an outdated game that has aggressively forced players to pay just to keep up with the game.

We are wanting to create a Naval Shooter that will be strongly different (for a start, it will be in 3D). This is not a clone game, this will be a unique game built for gamers looking for a game that doesn't yet exist on the market.

We have so far been pooling ideas and features that would improve the game through our community and we have raised a large sum from the group based on concept artwork alone. To gain further funding, we will require a working demo that does the following in UDK:

The player will be able to download and install the demo on their machine (PC/Mac/Linux) and they will then be able to choose between 2-4 ships to play the demo with.

Once they select the ships, they will be shown an open ocean world with their ship in the centre of the screen in an isometric view. The ocean should include a setting to control the ferocity and strength of the waves (5 settings ranging from calm to stormy). The ship itself will react to the waves. The ship will also create realistic effects within the water, such as a wake trail, buoyancy and lighting reflections.

When the user clicks on the open world, a marker beacon will flash up on that point and the ship will start moving to that location across the waves (or through the waves in some cases). A line from the beacon to the ship will be displayed to show the ship's trajectory. Information such as the time it will take to cover the distance will also be required.

We would also like to give the user the option of switching between isometric view and third person view. Switching to third person view will show a directional GPS arrow at the top of the page, also detailing the time as and distance to the beacon selected in isometric view. The player will also then be able to use the directional arrows on the keyboard to control the ship's movements, maintaining a 'waypoint' graphic.

Also included in the demo will be a single enemy AI ship for the player to attack through a variety of commands. In isometric view it will be a simple case of having the enemy in a slightly transparent range circle to start auto firing. Where as in Third Person View, the player will have more control over the weapons it can choose to shoot at the enemy ship.

These would be the things needed in the demo. Core skills will require being able to create a realistic 3D ocean setting for the world, allowing for the user to select the strength of the waves, change the wind speed to affect the direction of the waves and also a 24 hour cycle that will include the sun rising and moving across the sky and setting to create a night-time effect with the moon shining.

This demo will be unpaid work, however, this can be negotiated with people who have strong experience with working with creating an ocean (complete with waves) in UDK. As stated, this game already has a strong fanbase of players (3,000 - growing at around 200 per day) purely based on conceptual artwork and the concept alone. With the demo released, we will see this rise closer to 15,000 - 25,000 active players. This group already consists of willing individuals who are no strangers to paying for digital goods and will be far more comfortable in crowdfunding the project once they have a demo to enjoy.

Because of this, we will be excited to hire our developers on a full time wage to begin development of the full title of this game. We are prepared to use Kickstarter as well to help bring this game to other interested parties, but in truth, this might not be needed due to our current fanbase.

We are looking to create the demo within 2-3 weeks.

For 3D modellers, we would love to see your work. If you could send us previous items of your work (preferably vehicles if you have worked on them before) to the email address below. This position will be unpaid until the demo is released.

You can find conceptual drawings here:

In terms of the waves and the ocean, we found the following game built on UDK that creates a visually stunning and realistic ocean in game:

If developers could also show demo if their work in games or provide games that they have worked that would be great. If you have worked on an ocean with waves before in UDK, we would very much love to see it in motion.

Thank you for your interest, you can contact us on the email provided.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Steve Wishart

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