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I am designing an puzzle platformer in 3D for UDK and looking for a programmer with C++/UDK (UnrealScript) knowledge to contribute to the game. At the moment, we are developing a prototype as we just received funding to begin production. The main tasks for the first phase will require Gamepad and Keyboard controls integration, and various environmental puzzles as part of the mechanics presentation for March 15th, 2014.

Work is PAID and requires full confidentiality. Location anywhere, but must know English or French fluently. The group is tiny, we are located in all parts of the world, and work daily on this project. We also maintain that a good sense of humor will get you far, so we hope you will have that; but by no means should you be laid back.

If the first phase goes well in terms of working experience and confidentiality, future phases to complete the game will include your services.

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